ENERGY for People to POWER the World


OMG Energy Capital Services Pte Ltd. is a Singapore based holding company operating in sectors such as Oil and Gas (both Upstream and Downstream), Solar, Wind Energy, Mineral Mining and Agriculture. 

With operations and affiliations in Kenya, Qatar, Guniea, South Sudan and Russia, OMG's vision is to establish JV's in developing countries to create industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure ventures by partnering with appropriate co-investors from organizations with strategic interests in these segments.

Partnering with our JVs, we apply successful technical business tactics and strategies thus ensuring increased and sustainable productivity and profitability in the organization.

With our vast knowledge in Engineering Design, Oil Refineries, Information Technology & BioTechnology, we are able to provide effective and valuable solutions to our partners and clients.

This enables us to propose the most effective solutions to ensure that both ends are met. This has resulted in the development of a strong partnership, given the management team’s passion and flexibility in our business model.

In addition to our expertise, we also provide quality Project Management services to our global clients.